Class Procedures

Please be sure to read the 2021-2022 Mud Creek procedures for the classes you are enrolled in.  


2021-2022 Procedures for Thursdays at Mud Creek/Mud Creek Studio:


Registration and Deposits:

  • Students will be officially registered in a class once the non-refundable deposit and registration have been received online. Class deposits now include the previously separated ‘facility fee’ and are due at time of enrollment.
  • Classes are available on a first come first serve basis. Parents and students must agree to follow the procedures and conduct as outlined.
  • Contact to receive the registration code for honors classes (See below for honors class requirements).


  • There will be a designated ‘House Mom’ facilitator, who will be on campus each Thursday for the sole purpose to help facilitate the procedures laid out in this document.
  • There will be a minimum of 3 additional teachers on site at all times.
  • Due to the nature of parking and the limitations of space all other adults and children not enrolled in classes should only be on site during the designated drop off and pick up time frames.
  • No parent parking will be allowed on the driveway and must remain open for clear and efficient traffic flow for drop off and pick up in the driveway.
  • To respect our neighbors, please refrain from parking along the street or in the cul-de-sacs at either end of Branding Iron Court.

Drop off and Pick up:

  • Students should be dropped off in the designated area on time and promptly picked up at the conclusion of class.
  • Our facilitator is only responsible for implementing procedures and not for watching students who are dropped off early or not picked up on time.
  • If a student is consistently picked up late, they may not be allowed to attend future classes. Parents should arrive to pick up their student before the designated end time.
  • Early drop off will not be allowed. Students should be dropped off no more than 5 minutes prior to class.
  • Students are only allowed on site while they are attending their enrolled class.



When enrolling at Mud Creek, you are enrolling and committing to our year program of classes.  If you choose to drop a class, previously paid tuition is non- refundable. Our teachers are hired and depend on tuition based on that year commitment. To ensure that our teachers are adequately compensated for their time and commitment to our students, we are implementing a new tuition policy while keeping our classes at the same yearly economical rate.

Our yearly tuition for classes range from $321 for a 1 hour course and $600 for a 2 hour course. That roughly works out to $12 per 1 hour class and $23 per 2 hour class.  Even though that is a bargain for classes, we understand that is a large amount to pay at one time, so we are offering the opportunity to divide the tuition into 3 monthly payments.

You can choose to pay for the yearly course in one or three payments.


If you choose to pay in 3 installments, this is the tuition payment schedule:


3 Payments Due: 1-Hour Class:

Art, Spanish, all Elementary Classes

80-minute class:

HS Adv. Biology

2-hour Class:

MS English/Literature Dialogs and HS English/Lit/Worldview

Study Hall
August 19, 2021 $107 $134 $200 $27
September 3, 2021 $107 $134 $200 $27
October 1, 2021 $107 $134 $200 $27



If you choose to pay in 1 installment, the tuition is due at orientation on August 19th.


1 Payment Due: 1-Hour Class:

Art, Spanish, all Elementary Classes

80-minute class:

HS Adv. Biology

2-hour Class:

MS English/Literature Dialogs and HS English/Lit/Worldview

Study Hall
August 19, 2021 $321 $402 $600 $81


Tuition can be paid with cash or check at orientation and/or drop off or by Venmo



Class Cancellation:

  • In the event that a teacher cannot obtain a substitute and needs to cancel a class due to illness, the teacher will pro-rate tuition.
  • If a student is absent, the tuition is not pro-rated. Students must be free of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours before attending classes. In addition, students must follow new COVID -19 procedures as outlined in the COVID-19 agreement form.
  • If classes need to be cancelled due to inclement weather or a Mud Creek wide sick day, tuition will not be pro-rated and we will meet April 28 or schedule a virtual make up class.
  • Thursdays at Mud Creek will follow the Rockwall ISD inclement weather cancellations unless otherwise notified. In the event of cancellation we will notify via email and Facebook group.


  • August 19: Orientation (mandatory for all parents and students in honors classes)
  • August 26: First day of classes
  • November 18: last day of 1st semester
  • January 20: first day of 2nd semester
  • Spring Break TBD (RISD calendar)
  • April 21: last day of classes
  • April 28: make up day


  • Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn.
  • Students are to respect all adults, peers and their environment.
  • Students should remain in their designated and assigned areas while on site.
  • Any discipline issues will be addressed by the teacher directly to the parent.
  • If discipline problems persist, the student will not be permitted to continue enrollment in the class.
  • Students that become a distraction to the learning environment will not be tolerated.

Honors Classes:

Our goal is to prepare our Mud Creek students for success in college level classes and therefore we will have high expectations for students in these classes.

  • To be eligible for enrollment in the middle school and high school honors classes:
    • your student must have maintained an 85 or above average in the pre-requisite class
    • If you are new to Mud Creek, then a teacher recommendation and an 85 or above average is required from your pre-requisite class.


  • Students are expected to:
    • complete all homework on time in order to be prepared for class
    • participate in class discussions
    • maintain an 85 or above average in the current class
  • Middle school and high school students and parents are required to attend orientation on August 19, 2021 and sign our parent/student/teacher contract of honors class expectations.
  • Please contact Jana at to receive a code for registering for an honors level class


Mask Policy:

We currently require masks per the CDC and current Texas mask policies for Educational facilities.  Mud Creek will continue to follow any updated recommendations for the safety of our staff and students while on campus during Mud Creek hours.

Procedure and Liability Form:

Each family will be required to sign procedures, contact info and liability waiver form and COVID 19- agreement and waiver form to be on file prior to attending classes.

Food and Drink:

  • A water bottle (no glass) with a lid is encouraged. Please label with your students name. If your student stays for the whole day please send more than one water bottle.
  • No other drinks allowed
  • No Gum allowed
  • Approved snacks listed below will be allowed for a Snack between classes or during the elementary study hall.
    • Granola/ Protein/Breakfast Bars: (NO NUTS until allergies are confirmed) please don’t send really messy or chocolate covered bars that can melt
    • Carrot /Celery sticks and Bell Pepper slices (NO dressings or dips)
    • Apple slices, grapes, bananas
    • Beef Sticks and String Cheese
    • Sandwiches (please no peanut butter and jelly)
    • Tortilla wraps






Acknowledgment of Receipt of Procedures for

2021-2022 Thursdays at Mud Creek

The Procedures document contains important information pertaining to my family’s participation in Thursdays at Mud Creek.

If changes need to be made to the procedures, this will be communicated through email.

I agree to familiarize myself with its contents and comply with the information provided.

I have received the Thursdays at Mud Creek Procedures document and I understand that it is my family’s responsibility to read and comply with the procedures contained in this document.


Parent’s Name (printed): ______________________________________________________

Parent’s Signature: ________________________________ Date: _____________________



Parent and Emergency Contact Information

Parent Name:  ­­­­__________________________Phone number__________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________


Spouse Name:  ­­­­__________________________Phone number__________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name: _________________________Phone number_________________

Please list any allergies or special needs we should be aware of: ­­­__________________________